Saturday, December 13, 2008


While studying for finals today, I took an hour break, and found this amazing website. I think my passion in life is clothes. That might sound crazy but its true. I did both of these in an hour. I thought I should publish these. Well back to studying! :)

Birthday Mocktail Dress by chelsyrae

Job Interviews by chelsyrae

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving and end of semester!

Thanksgiving was so much fun! We went to Mexico and surfed, tanned, swam, boogy boarded, and just relaxed. I don't feel like uploading all the pictures so here are a few:

Me and my adorable brother:

Me surfing.
Me and my other adorable brother:
School is almost out. Actually there is only one day left, then finals! We have been having so much fun. Lots of dates. This week we have an ugly sweater party, a cocktail party (no alcohol of course), and we are going snowboarding!
This is me and Josh on a date:
Me and my very best friend messing around on a sunday:
Having a girls night!