Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So I met some new friends the past two weeks, and they invited me to come to vegas with them!  We decided to take a break before finals and road trip down to Vegas!  Their names are Chelsey, Aimee, Bryant, Josh, Nathan, Brendan, and Trevor.  It was so much fun! Friday night we got there and the girls stayed in the LUXUR.  It was awesome! We dropped all of our stuff off and went on to the strip.  We went picture crazy, and came back to the hotel around 2.  Trevor had his wisdom teeth out the day before, so fell asleep in the girls room.  Luckily Aimee is his cousin, so they shared a bed lol.  We watched a movie, and the guys left around 3 to find their dump of a hotel room.  I guess it was really bad, because at 8:20 the next morning the guys came in our room and woke us up! They couldn't wait to get out of that place!  We put on our bathing-suits and swam for 5 hours!  The boys got FRIED, and can still hardly walk!  I feel bad for them, but I guess they learned a lesson!  Saturday after swimming we went to the outlets and shopped for a while, but we were so burned out from the sun it only lasted like an hour!  Then we went back on the strip for some yogurt and to the coke factory.  (We like NEVER ate on the trip, so my stomach was so screwed up when I came home! AND I LOST WEIGHT! haha) So saturday night, we stayed at Chelsey's friend's house, and went to sacrament meeting on sunday and left! It was so awesome!
Finals start on friday, so I will be studying non stop until then.
Love you all!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Freshman year is coming to an end.....

Wow. Freshman year is almost done. Only 7 more days of classes... then I take finals and come home!  This semester has been really fun and its going to be sad to see it go.  Well this past week I went snowboarding two times, went on a date, celebrated Heather's birthday, and played tennis for 3 hours.  I am SO sore from tennis and snowboarding, but it has been a great week!!!! Here are some pictures... love you all.